The Result

We were able to bring down the PC Deployment time from 150 minutes, 7 re-boots and 308 mouse clicks to 15 minutes and mouse clicks to 8. But there are many more reasons to choose Managed PC and you can see some of them listed below.

Installation Time line

Normal Windows Installation

Do you want to improve your company's PC environment?  Managed PC is a advantageous solution for several reasons:

1. QUICK AND SIMPLE IMAGE INSTALLATION: You get an image-installation which is 90% faster than a normal manual Windows installation, without the need to compromise the user experience or user needs. Your machines are up and ready to use after a short installation time and you can concentrate on more important tasks, like your business

Always Updated

2. ALWAYS UPDATED DRIVERSWith Managed PC´s Driver Updater you avoid the hassle of having to download drivers. Driver Updater scans the machine, download and install the latest drivers.

Auto Update

3. AUTO MAINTENANCE: You get a managed PC environment with automated security and program updates. So you can focus more on the business and less about downtime and installation errors.

Save Time and money

4. SAVE TIME AND MONEY: With improved uptime and reduced need for manual maintenance and support hours, you can save time and money.

Flexible Solution

5. FLEXIBLE AND SCALABLE SOLUTION: The tailor-made Windows 10 image is located on the USB and can be used on any machine and by any employee who might need to restore a client's image or create entirely new PC´s.

Costumised Image

6. TAILORMADE AND CUSTOMIZED IMAGE: We tailor and customize your company image 100% to your business, so you only get the software and the setup that is most optimal for you. You can customize the settings, programs or the system so that the Internet browser homepage, background, computer name, group policies, security settings, user accounts and much, much more, are tailored to your specifications and needs.

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